To promote traditional Chinese medicine to the world: GPHL chairman Li Chuyuan

2021-12-06 17:28:39 GPHL GPHL

The 2021 Understanding China Conference (Guangzhou) was held from December 1st to 4th in Guangzhou. It was co-hosted by the China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy (CIIDS), the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA), the People's Government of Guangdong Province, and the Carter Center, and organized by the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality.

With the theme of 'Whence and Whither-- Unprecedented Changes in the World and China and the CPC', the event attracted public figures from both China and abroad to carry out discussions and exchanges, in a bid to enhance mutual understanding between China and the rest of the world.

Li Chuyuan attends the Understanding China Conference.

GPHL chairman Li Chuyuan gave a keynote address at the symposium entitled New Vision for Sustainable Development of Cultural Heritage. Wanglaoji and Ciningji drinks sponsored by GPHL were offered at the conference.

In his keynote address, Culture-led Industrial Development, Li Chuyuan described traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as the key that unlocks the vast treasure trove of Chinese culture and briefed the audience about the practices on the inheritance and promotion of TCM that GPHL has implemented.

Li Chuyuan delivers a keynote address.

Ciningji, Wanglaoji, and Ciningji refined juice are well-received among attendees.

In recently years GPHL has proposed the idea of 'Trendy TCM' and made efforts in six areas: (1) popularizing TCM knowledge, (2) making TCM meet modern standards, (3) making TCM more understandable and accessible to the public, (4) establishing international standards of TCM, (5) developing the TCM industry, and (6) promoting TCM in a trendy way.

Popularizing TCM knowledge

To attract more people to try, understand, and trust TCM, GPHL has built multiple platforms to popularize TCM knowledge. The Shennong Caotang, China's first semi-open TCM museum, celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. The museum has received over one million visitors over these years.

Making TCM meet modern standards

GPHL owns 102 approvals for exclusive TCM products and seeks to address the problems of bitter flavours, large sizes, dark colours, and poor production through modern processes as well as improves the modernized level of TCM with digital and AI-enabled technology. It has been reported that GPHL will build an industrial park for time-honoured TCM brands in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, which will become a global, advanced and fashion 'TCM Valley'.

Making TCM more understandable and accessible to the public

GPHL has made use of TCM's preventive features to develop a variety of healthy products, such as herbal tea with no sugar, thicker 'Black Herbal Tea', and herbal tea with jasmine. In addition, it launched Ciningji with roxburgh rose as the main ingredient, a fruit grown in Guizhou province China, which is high in vitamin C. A food made of litchi, South China's specialty fruit, is under development and expected to go to the market during the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Establishing the international standards of TCM

GPHL's international headquarters in Macao SAR serves as a gateway, through which GPHL can create a new pillar of TCM global growth. The construction of a production facility was completed at the Ilha Verde Cross Border industrial zone and the facility has begun its trial production. Recently Wanglaoji has established an international operating company for managing its brand at different locations with the goal of becoming a world leading beverage brand.

Developing TCM industry

GPHL took the lead in setting up many leading and benchmarking industrialization platforms, such as the Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance for National Famous and High-quality Proprietary Chinese Medicines Industry and the Guangzhou Famous and High-quality Proprietary Chinese Medicines Industry-University-Research Technology Innovation Alliance. It is working with a team led by Dr. Zhong Nanshan as well as Macau University of Science and Technology to help companies that benefit from the research on Banlangen and a Banlangen Compound manufactured by GPHL's subsidiary Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical, to locate in Macao, which will support the development of the city's TCM industry.

Promoting TCM in a trendy way

GPHL has adopted the crossover collaboration approach to combine TCM and fashion into one, launching products with TCM elements, such as car accessories, masks, and costumes.

Authors: Monica & Michelle

Editors: Olivia & Jerry