The Appearance of Red Canned Wang Lao Ji with New Packaging at the Great Wall

2018-04-04 11:32:03 GPHL GPHL

The Appearance of Red Canned Wang Lao Ji with New Packaging at the Great Wall Herbal tea has long history as the cooling drink peculiar to Lingnan region. However, herbal tea cooked through compound or single herb is cold and the Yang-deficiency constitution of modern people may not adapt to it, because climatic circumstance, people's constitution, eating habits in ancient time are in stark contrast to the corresponding things in this day and age. Traditional herbal tea basically stresses on removing the heat rather than detoxification function, and so cannot help people get rid of toxins. The modern herbal tea is improved to have more mild properties, which can assure the essential efficacy of herbal tea, and also will not make spleen and stomach be hurt by too cold nature. Thus modern herbal tea is more suitable for people nowadays, and can be applied to health maintenance.

With modern pepole's increasing demands for the green natural health beverage, drinking herbal tea has gradually become something of a fad across the country. Within a few years, sales of Wang Lao Ji herbal tea have been steadily up and been ahead the herbal tea industry. Wang Lao Ji has come back to the top, but we still cannot forget the picture of the Great Wall with flashing red light that day.

Wang Lao Ji, as "herbal tea ancestor", initiated in 1882, ushered in the historic leap on 3 June 2012. The unprecedented size of listing festival of red canned Wang Lao Ji with new packaging was held at the Great Wall, one of the world's eight wonders and China Ethnic landmark building. Century brand shined red light at the Great Wall. Eight 5-meter-long banner advertisements, with big characters "Wang Lao Ji as Herbal Tea Ancestor" and "Wang Lao Ji as Preferred Herbal Tea", flied over the sky. There also were models of the Great Wall built of new red canned Wang Lao Ji under these banner advertisements. Furthermore, red flags were placed at the whole wall, just like a picture of "Chinese red, China nationalism" vividly at present. "Today Wang Lao Ji officially calls a bugle towards the world. We feel full of confidence, and filled with enthusiasm. Let's inherit Wang Lao Ji culture, and make national brand bigger and stronger." With the skyward majestic sounds of the declaration running through the Great Wall like a rainbow, Wang Lao Ji big health team released their ringing The Great Wall Declaration.  

With the sound of gongs and drums and the intermittent call, a flame flag was relayed by red canned Wang Lao Ji marketing team and around one hundred cooperation partners from across China at the foot of the Great Wall. In this way, the spirit of neighborhood watch and going ahead together was passed around during flag transmission again and again. The moment when the big flag was planted at the beacon tower, there was only one thought in their minds that we should cherish the national brand Wang Lao Ji, just like take good care of the Great Wall, and let us build the brand of Chinese Wang Lao Ji and even global Wang Lao Ji together.

The flag was waving in the breeze at the top of the Great Wall, and then the huge packaging of new red canned Wang Lao Ji made its debut at the peak. The three large characters "Wang Lao Ji" stood out, reflecting the flame can body. What's the unique implication of this packaging?  The packaging of red canned Wang Lao Ji mainly highlighted the industry status as "the ancestor of herbal tea". Three characters "Wang Lao Ji" used the typeface of scroll painting shape logo, presented in red background with yellow letters and so striking, with Chinese knot on can body as particularly additional national character elements, to reveal national character of Wang Lao Ji brand.

"Guangzhou Pharmacy Baiyunshan loves for all". At the product launch press conference, it was worth mentioning that Gaungzhou Pharmacy Holdings would set up 182.8 million yuan Wang Lao Ji Charity Found, based on that Wang Lao Ji brand was founded in 1828, to return the support from the society over the years.

Since Wang Lao Ji sold 15 billion yuan in products in 2013 and sold 20 billion in 2014, it has totally surpassed competitive products and has steadily occupied the first place in Chinese medicine industry. As a poem has said, let's take steps from the beginning rather than considering the magnificent barrier as iron. Similarly, Wang Lao Ji people will continue to remember their initial determination, forge ahead, and create new brilliance of the national brand.

Red canned Wang Lao Ji with new packaging appeared at the Great Wall.